Jolly Sigs Assemble!

Alumni Work Weekend
January 8-11, 2016

To help the active brothers prepare for Rush later this month, alumni will be gathering this weekend at the house for a work weekend coordinated by George Snyder S’78. Items on the work list include patching and painting walls, steam cleaning carpets, cleaning the wood floors, replacing broken tiles, replacing stair treads to basement, repairing kitchen cabinets, and buying and installing a new freezer.

Come dressed to work and greet your brothers. Parking is available in the Mad Bowl and Zeta lots on weekends, except where posted. Work will be happening all day, all weekend, so come when you can, and please contact George at 434-979-8017 or to tell him when you’ll be there.

To inquire about event details or to submit new event information, please email: