StaircaseTime spent at the University is when a young man’s character becomes fully formed. While college life provides ample opportunity for academic and athletic achievement, often the core values that make for strong character are lost in the circumstances of the modern university. Our founders, realizing this deficiency, established our Society based on essential social values that could never be conveyed in a classroom.

Strong character, like many of the more elusive traits that make for good citizens and leaders, is often best taught by one’s peers. In the environment of the Sigma Phi chapter house, young Sigs benefit from guidance and support of their upperclassmen brothers in both their academic and social pursuits. Young Sigs can look forward to forming strong bonds with older students and alumni, benefitting from their collective experience, wisdom and integrity, as well as forging friendships that will last for a lifetime. Therefore, we have high expectations for those young men we bring into our circle. Sigs are challenged to be academic leaders, maintaining above-average grades. Many Sigs are leaders in the university community, participating in a range of extracurricular activities from athletics to literary societies to student government. In their roles outside of 163 Rugby Road, they introduce other members to university organizations. Finally, Sigs demonstrate awareness of their social responsibilities as good citizens, participating in volunteer work in Charlottesville and beyond.

Active Sigs are privileged to live in our century-old chapter house at 163 Rugby Road — a remarkable social asset for University men. Sigs participate actively in the daily activities that make the chapter house an incredible place to live by both participating in the business management of the chapter and keeping eye over its physical structure. In this way, Sigs learn valuable skills that continue to benefit them even after having progressed through university life. And we do it while living in the most beautiful house on Grounds.

Becoming a Sigma Phi opens up a wealth of doors beyond the small circle of acquaintances the normal undergraduate experience entails. Historically, the chapter house at Virginia has hosted biannual receptions and dinners with faculty from diverse departments, often resulting in conversations lasting well into the night. Some chapters bring nationally known speakers to campus, some of whom have been known to participate in more informal sessions with the brothers after the speech. Most important, however, is your entry to the network of brothers that stretches across the globe. Sigs are always ready to offer help when needed, provide professional opportunity, or simply share in happy conversation — all just a handshake and a knowing smile away.